by Sander van Heerde 15. June 2010 17:09

When the first astronauts on the moon toke the first photos of the earth, people all over the world saw how small and vulnerable we really were. That view changed moral and social thinking around the globe but seems no longer important today. Nowadays we need constant reminding of the vulnerabilty of the earth by scientists, politician and major disasters and storms. The picture above then seems to have a purpose and if it wasen't for real, could come straight out of a movie or even worse: our own imagination. What would the earht look like inside? are there people living down there? I wonder if chaos would break out if scientist al over the world would all say that these holes could occur everywhere and the earth is in great danger? If you did not have any more information than this picture, it definitly seems that way.


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All images have a denotive meaning (direct or literal meaning) as well as a connotative meaning (suggestive or implicative meaning). Sometimes the line between them is clear like for instance in a newspaper, and sometimes it seems not to exist at all as in art images. In our daily lives we mostly read images in a direct way which costs the least amount of energy and time. The way in which we read the ordinary images needs to ‘fit’ in with our dialy lives and thoughts. Art images do the very opposite of this and often ask a second look. Art images also provide more information then is seen on the surface and are more connected to our feelings  and memories.
This blog intents to create more space for the connotations that are attached to ordinary images and the relation between the connotative and denotive meaning of imagery. This blog presents a ‘stream’ of images which tell more about the things you don’t see but do exist. At least in my imagination.

Sander van Heerde is an artist who lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands

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